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You know, there's one thing we really want you to know about Maui Dreams Dive Co. and that's that we LOVE TO DIVE! Yep, diving is not "just a job" to us and we take real pleasure in getting to share Maui's underwater treasures with you, so let's go diving!

THE SECRET OF DIVING: Inhale, exhale, repeat as necessary.


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May 1, 2016 - It's been a while since our last Pau Hana party, but we're having one this Friday!

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Advice From a Local: Maui Whale Watching Tips

Jan 20, 2016 - So you’ve finally made it to Maui during whale season, have ya? Well, you are in for quite a treat and these tips will make your experience that much sweeter. Read on, dear whale watcher!

In case you missed it... Our top Facebook posts for November

Nov 18, 2015 - In case you been off diving instead of playing around on Facebook all day. Here are some fun posts you may have missed...