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You know, there's one thing we really want you to know about Maui Dreams Dive Co. and that's that we LOVE TO DIVE! Yep, diving is not "just a job" to us and we take real pleasure in getting to share Maui's underwater treasures with you, so let's go diving!

How does a diver make a call under water? With a shell phone!


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Earth Day for Scuba Divers

Apr 15, 2015 - Yes, it's called Earth Day, but we know that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by WATER! To learn how the scuba industry supports Earth Day, read on!

Ulua Beach Mystery

Apr 2, 2015 - Over the past couple of weeks I have had several scuba divers, as well as our staff, come into Maui Dreams and ask  “What is that thing at Ulua Beach? Is it a bomb!?!”