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You know, there's one thing we really want you to know about Maui Dreams Dive Co. and that's that we LOVE TO DIVE! Yep, diving is not "just a job" to us and we take real pleasure in getting to share Maui's underwater treasures with you, so let's go diving!

DIVE LIGHT: A waterproof carrying case for dead batteries.


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Feb 17, 2015 - You've dived with us and commented that you saw more whales on your dive trip than on a regular whale watch!

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Diving the Tires, the St. Anthony and the Z Blocks

Feb 24, 2015 - Have you ever dived the St. Anthony, the Cars, or the Z Blocks? All of these are part of a large artificial reef system located right off of Keawakapu Beach in Kihei, each with their own history and points of interest.

When to Use Nitrox in Maui

Feb 10, 2015 -

Myth: "You can go deeper on Nitrox".  We hear this all the time and in fact, the opposite is often true.  The PADI Recreational Dive Planner uses a maximum depth of 110 feet when diving on 32% Enriched Air (Nitrox).  Your dive computer may give a slightly different depth, and if so, you should follow that.