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We have re-opened the shop, as of May 11th, and it is so great to get to see everyone again, even from behind the masks.  While the state has not determined that it's safe for us to take you boat or shore diving yet, you can certainly come in and pick up some gear to take yourselves diving.  Our updated business hours are 7am-2pm daily.  Retail, rentals, and repairs are all a go!  Of course, with the new normal comes new procedures, so please watch our video so you'll know what to expect when you come see us.

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Please visit our Facebook page to be kept up to date with dive related information since things are changing so rapidly.  MDDC shop is now open, but the boat remains closed until further notice.


You WILL Run Out Of Film Before the Whale Shark Swims By.


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Etiquette Tips for Underwater Photographers and Videographers

Apr 23, 2020 -

Even if you can't take your camera into the water with you this month, there's plenty of cool stuff that you CAN do, and here are our recommendations:

1. Watch this recent webinar, Practice Underwater Photography at Home, put on by one of our favorite places to visit, the Atlantis resorts in the Philippines!

2.  Improve your Digital Underwater Photography skills by signing up for some eLearning through PADI; eLearning courses are 25% off through the end of May!

3.  Join David Attenborough for an interactive trip through the Great Barrier Reef.  Okay, this one doesn't have much to do with underwater photography aside from all it took to make this - simply stunning!


Private Guided Dives and Scuba Tours - Make the Most of Your Visit to Maui

Feb 7, 2020 - Are you looking for something special?  Maybe just some "me time" with the sea life without having to worrry about anyone else, how much air THEY have left, how fast THEY want to dive, what THEY want to see?  Tired of going on those dives where you're looknig at sand kicked up by other divers or where you have to wait while they guide helps others with equalization or other problems?  Whether you're a single diver or part of a small group, it's AWESOME to have the guide all to yourself! PRIVATE DIVES, baby!