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Our businesses are currently closed through the end of April.  There's no one at the shop, but we are responding to voicemails and emails every few days, so if you'd like to make a future boat booking, purchase something we can ship you, or sign up for a class, we'd be grateful for your business.  Though we're all home bound these days, we are checking and responding to emails and voicemails a couple of times a week.

25% Off PADI eLearning Through April 30th

To see your choices, click on the image of our smiling faces below and whether you're new to scuba, looking for some continuing eduation, or even a refresher, these great eLearning modules will keep you busy and learning!

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Please visit our Facebook page to be kept up to date with dive related information since things are changing so rapidly.  MDDC shop and boat are currently closed through April unless directed otherwise.


Don't Take Up Scuba Diving to Get a Suntan!


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Private Guided Dives and Scuba Tours - Make the Most of Your Visit to Maui

Feb 7, 2020 - Are you looking for something special?  Maybe just some "me time" with the sea life without having to worrry about anyone else, how much air THEY have left, how fast THEY want to dive, what THEY want to see?  Tired of going on those dives where you're looknig at sand kicked up by other divers or where you have to wait while they guide helps others with equalization or other problems?  Whether you're a single diver or part of a small group, it's AWESOME to have the guide all to yourself! PRIVATE DIVES, baby!

Becoming a PADI Professional

Jul 26, 2019 - Becoming a dive professional might be in your plans for your first career or for one later in life.  Either way, PADI professionals can find work all around the world.  Corey's plan came to fruition sooner than he expected, so it's a good thing he'd already become a Divemaster.  Check out the first photo in his blog; that is from the day he earned his Divemaster rating back in 2014!