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Yes, we are back to offering all services from our shop, shore, and boat, and would love to take you diving!  Don't wait for last minute reservations, as we (and most other dive operations on Maui) are booked pretty solid at least 6 weeks out.  And take this tip from a local:  make your rental car reservations NOW.  There is an extreme shortage on island right now and this can affect your trip!

dream team Sept 2021

And visit our Facebook page or email us directly to be kept up to date with dive related information since things are changing so rapidly. 

BOAT DIVING: A complex task because boats usually don't dive.


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Let's Have Some Clarity About Visibility

Sep 22, 2021 - In this blog, Walter comes to some conclusions about the value of diving in poor vis.  Read on and see what conclusions you come to!

No Dive Flag? It'll Cost You!

Mar 14, 2021 - Dive flags - they're required, and they could save your life.  Or, you could leave yours in your car and end up having to go to court AND pay a fine.  Violating the dive flag rule in Hawaii doesn't mean you just walk away with a ticket and a slap on the wrist; if you are cited for a dive flag violation, you will find yourself with a court date.