Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Date: March 31, 2018 8:45 am to 10:00 am

Why the heck have we done this event for the past 17 years?

You already know we like to have a good time, but we really hold these events as a way to give back to our local dive community (and yes, we consider our regular visitors a part of that too).  We feel lucky to be in a business that can transform people's lives, build long lasting friendships, and help each other understand the importance of the ocean and its coral reefs. 

Please know that we create and host the egg hunt from a place of appreciation and that we hope you'll take this into account and show your fellow divers a little love and aloha when you're underwater elbowing the Easter Bunny out of the way to get to those eggs!  Aloha, Rachel


WHO:  You and your dive buddies, silly! Certified divers only, no snorkelers.

WHAT: Our 18th annual UNDERWATER Egg Hunt!

WHERE:  Keawakapu Beach, where South Kihei Road ends

WHEN:  Saturday, March 31, from 8-10:AM

The event STARTS at 8, so you need to get there earlier to get parking and set up your gear.

WHY:  Seriously??  Did you not read what Rachel said above???

HOW:  Keep reading for all the "how" info!

 Egg Hunt Collage

Advance sign-ups are required because this lets us know how many eggs we'll need to hide and how many shirts we need to order, so download your form here, and drop it by the shop as soon as you can!


The briefing will be held on the beach at 8:AM and all divers will be required to check back in with us as they exit the water no later than 9:AM. There will be a limit on how many eggs you can bring in and that number will be announced during the briefing. After exiting the water, divers must check back in with the same dive buddies they started the hunt with.  If you miss either one of these requirements, well, you'll be DQ'd from any prizes, so behave and follow normal safe diving practices :-). Also, we are totally on to the people who exit without their buddies and then stand around waiting for them to get out, so don't even try it!

That said, don't worry if you don't have a dive buddy - we can hook you up the morning of the event, and yes, buddy teams are fine too - you don't have to have just one dive buddy!

DO NOT DESCEND UNTIL YOU HEAR THE SIGNAL.  We will have some special rules this year and will fill you in on Saturday.

Divers are elidgible to redeem ONE prize egg only; so if you find more than one, put it back! You'll know if it's a prize egg when you see it.

If you have found the mondo exciting grand prize egg on a previous hunt, you are not eligible to bring it in again, so if you see it...leave it there!

That said, we must collect ALL of the eggs; this enables us to do a count to make sure that we've found them all (no plastic left in the ocean).  So when you get out of the water and check in with our staff, please make sure you turn in ALL your eggs.

If you are going to need to rent any gear to participate in this event, we recommend that you do that the day before, as we will be closed from 7:30ish to 10:ish that Saturday morning so that we can staff the event. 

Once everyone is out of the water, we will give out prizes and also provide free, limited edition event t-shirts to everyone who participated, so please stay for our annual group photo!

We get questions every year about "can I have another one for my friend" or people who did not participate coming up to get one.  We love it when people wear our shirts and will be happy to share extra shirts back at the shop after the event.  We also have a waiting list at the shop for people who want stuff (if you want to get on this list, just call or email us with your shirt size and preferred contact info). So AT the event, you must be a participant to qualify for a FREE shirt.

Divers only, no snorkelers.