Dive Training Opportunities for January

Date: January 8, 2019 to January 31, 2019

We can take you diving any day this month. We offer introductory dives (no experience necessary, but you DO need to be able to swim), guided dives, night dives, and scooter dives daily.  We also offer Open Water certification courses once or twice a week.  

And here's what else is coming up in January.  This isn't a complete list, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just call us and we'll make it happen!

January 9-10-11 and again on the 26, 27 & Feb 2: FREEDIVER Learn to hold your breath longer than you thought you could and enhance your skills with Curly.  This class starts at 2:PM on the first morning and then meets for morning sessions on the following two days. There is eLearning to complete ahead of time, so call us to sign up and get your eLearner code.

January 18: Emergency First Responder Whether you've taken this class before and just need to brush up on your skills or are taking it for the first time, this class is a must-do!  Your current employer may require and sometimes even pay for it!  We can get it done in about 4 hours and will be starting at 1:PM. $125. This certification is required for rescue diver students, so whether you're enrolled in a rescue class now or plan to do it in the not so distant future, this is the class you need.

January 18-19-20 RESCUE DIVER  The first day of this class will be comprised of academic sessions covering first aid, CPR, emergency oxygen, and rescue academics.  Don't worry - we know how to make it fun!  The next two days we'll be in the water, role playing, learning and practicing skills and running through various scenarios.  Wear plenty of sunscreen, as lots of the training takes place on the surface!  Also, if you have current CPR and First Aid training (within the the past two years) that meets PADI standards, you may be able to skip this portion of the class.

January 18 Emergency First Response and Emergency Oxygen Provider  You can sign up for one or both of these (they will be completed back to back starting at 8:AM and finishing up around 1).  You can then continue right into the Rescue Diver class on the 19th and 20th or hold off and join us for that at a later date!

January 20 & 21 and also Jan. 24 & 25: Advanced Open Water  This class will include Navigation, Search and Recovery and Night dives on the first day followed by the Deep and Underwater Imaging dives the next day. 

January 28: DPV Specialty Did we say DPV?  That translates into Scoooooooter (aka Diver Propulsion Vehicle).  You are welcome to join us on this day for the specialty course or just as a guided diver.  This specialty (and all the others we mention on this page) DOES count toward your Master Scuba Diver rating. Flying underwater could just be YOUR superpower!

January 28 & 31:  Scooter Dives  Yee haw!  If you think you've been there, done that, you are in for a thrill.  You can join us on this day and learn to fly underwater.  If you want to earn the specialty certification, that's available too.