Women's Dive Day 2019

Date: July 20, 2019 6:15 am to 1:00 pm

Women's Dive Day


Aloha Ladies, 

Let's come together for the good of the ocean this year and use Women's Dive Day 2019 to help the sea creatures we love so much steer clear of fishing line and other debris that ends up along our coastlines!

Here's what you need to know:

COST:  $99

INCLUDES: 2 tank trip on the Maui Diamond II, snacks and lunch, and any rental gear you may need.

WHERE:  Maalaea Harbor, Slip 23

WHEN:  6:15 to noonish

BRING:  Gloves and cutters (we pick up a lot of line down there)

REQUIRED FROM YOU:  You must be an Advanced Open Water diver if you will be participating on an underwater team with us.  Also, ALL participants must hold PADI's Project Aware certification.  If you hold the Dive Against Debris certification, you can join us for only $50!

PROJECT AWARE CERTIFICATION: If you don't yet have this cert, it's easy to get and is only $35.  Start by downloading the manual (it's free!).  Read it and then print out and complete the knowledge review at the end of the book.  Call us at 808-874-5332 to make an appointment with an instructor at the shop to come in and complete your certification - super easy!

ALSO:  Our surface support and boat helpers also play an important and necessary role in our underwater clean-ups and it is possible that we will ask you to stay on the surface for one of the dives; it's for the good of the ocean!

To book your spot, simply call us at 808-874-5332 and we'll take it from there!