Date: April 1, 2019 8:00 am to 10:00 am

This year, Maui Dreams and Maui Diving are hosting joint Underwater Easter Egg Hunts!

WHO:  You and your dive buddies, silly! Certified divers only, no snorkelers.

WHAT: Our 19th annual UNDERWATER Egg Hunt!  THIS year, you'll be hunting for trash - yes, it's an underwater clean-up!

WHERE:  The dive site of your choosing!

WHEN:  Saturday, April 20, from 8:00 - 10:00 AM

The event STARTS at 8:00 or what ever time you get to your dive site of choice, but you'll have to be back at Maui Dreams or Maui Diving to show what you collected and draw for prizes by 10:00.

WHY:  Seriously??  Because it's total fun!  And...because we can! And by that, we mean because we can scuba dive!

HOW:  Click HERE to get signed up and then keep reading for all the "how" info!

 Egg Hunt Collage

Advance sign-ups are required because this lets us know how many eggs we'll need to prepare for you at our shops - you'll exchange your trash for prizes!


So, you grab your dive buddy (or buddy team), some cutters, gloves, and maybe a bag and go clean up some "easter eggs".

That said, don't worry if you don't have a dive buddy - we can hook you up if you contact us in advance and buddy teams are fine too - you don't have to have just one dive buddy!

If you are going to need to rent any gear to participate in this event, we recommend that you do that the day before, as we will be closed from 7:30ish to 10:ish that Saturday morning so that we can staff the event. 

Once everyone is back at the shop, you will exchange your trash for eggs, SOME of them worth great prizes.  As always, we will also provide free, limited edition event t-shirts to everyone who participated, so don't leave until we've had our annual group photo!

We hope you participate in this  "egg hunt" and have a great time. MDDC hosts this event to show our appreciation to our local (and that includes our mainland guests who make us their "home" dive shop on Maui every year) dive community!  We appreciate you!  See you there!