Dive Against Debris Specialty and UW Clean-Up on the Maui Diamond

Date: December 8, 2019 6:15 am to 2:00 pm



Divers have a proud history of removing rubbish from the ocean but despite our best efforts the trash keeps piling up. In response Project AWARE created Dive Against Debris®, a global survey of underwater rubbish in our ocean.

Created by divers for divers, Dive Against Debris® turns your underwater cleanup into a marine debris survey.

dive against debrisThe great thing about Dive Against Debris® is that the rubbish you remove can no longer harm marine life and marine environments. In addition, the data you report will help drive real change - changes to policies to improve waste management, changes to infrastructure so rubbish is stopped before it reaches the ocean, and changes to behaviours so we waste less and dispose of our waste with care.

Everyone taking part in Dive Against Debris® must read the Survey Guide. It contains important information on choosing your survey site, enjoying a safe survey dive, reporting your data and sharing your actions. By working together, Project AWARE divers are playing a major role in keeping our ocean clean and healthy.


Join us on the Maui Diamond for a great morning of caring for and cleaning up a reef together. 

Everyone joining today's charter will earn the AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty certification.

Here's your Checklist:

Download and read the Dive Against Debris Survey Guide

Download and complete the  knowledge review.  Bring this with you to the boat on Sunday.

Project Aware requires this release (just do it online).

The Maui Diamond needs you to do this release (another online only).

All participants must print out, complete and bring (or stop in the shop in advance to get) this Continuing Education form.

All participants must bring their own gloves and cutting tools.

Besides that, you all must be prepared to have FUN!