January on the Maui Diamond

Date: January 11, 2020 to January 31, 2020

Have you met the beautiful, shiny, NEW Maui Diamond yet?

She's our brand new, spacious, shiny, FAST new dive boat.  We are so excited to share her with you. So whether you are just looking for a Molokini Crater dive, or for one of the charters we only offer a couple times a month, you're in for a treat!

Remember, if you're coming to Maui and there's a site you want to dive, just ask us in advance and if we can get it on the schedule for you, we will (that's how most of this stuff gets on the calendar in the first place)!

Maui Diamond crew 2019



LANAI:  January 4 Yes, you read that right, the Maui Diamond is offering 2 tank Lanai trips now, so you can join us for some additional dive sites, including the Cathedrals!  Sorry divers, at this point in time, we are not bringing snorkelers along on this charter.

SUNSET WHALE WATCHES:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays  With a check-in time of 4:PM, we'll be out on the water for about two and a half hours watching whales do what they do, whether it's mamas teaching their babies to breach or competition pods fighting over a girl!  Our boat is roomy and rated for 49 passengers, but we max out our whale watches at only 25 passengers (unless you want a private charter), making sure you've always got a good view and no one's head in front of your perfect whale photo! We'll head back to the harbor just after sunset.

SUNSET WHALE WATCH AND 1 TANK NIGHT DIVE:  January 23  Yes, you CAN have it all!    With at 4PM check in, we'll do a couple hours of whale watching until the sun goes down!  After that, we'll go down again to see what's happening after dark.  Join us for this great combo trip - a twofer!  

DRIFT DIVE SUNDAYS: January 5, 19, 26 On these Sundays, we may do drift dives or we may just start in one location and end in another - we don't need current to drift!  If you've got a special request, let us hear it - we're game! This is typically the day of the week that we DON'T go to Molokini Crater.

CARTHAGINIAN: January 30  The Carthaginian II was a floating museum located in Lahaina harbor…it is NOW a dive site located just outside of Lahaina in about 100 feet of water. Click here for a little history on the Carths 1 and 2!

Are you nitrox certified?  If so, you may want to request at least one tank for this charter ($12 extra).

Our first dive of the day will likely be be a local favorite:  Mala Pier!

AFTERNOON CHARTERS:  Available upon request - We are happy to do these when we have at least seven passengers.  Check in for these charters is at 1:PM and IF we can go to Molokini, we will.  If winds dictate otherwise (which is commonly the case in the afternoons), we will head around the corner to a couple of sheltered spots along the Pali and dive there. 

PRIVATE CHARTERS:  We offer private charters any time YOU want them and WE have availability. We can do morning, afternoon, sunset, whatever you have in mind.  This is a great way to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family and to have the boat all to yourself. We can accommodate up to 22 passengers for Molokini trips and more than that if you don't need Molokini on your itinerary, so if you want to snag one of these charters, it's best to skip the emailing and CALL us at 808-874-5332. Private Charters have a range of prices, depending on activity and combination of participants, so call us and we'll answer all your questions.


Follow this link, pick out your dates,  and you can get it all done with just a few clicks!

Prefer a live human?  CALL us at 808-874-5332 - we love to chat!