Awesome Class and Shore Dive Opportunities for February

Date: February 7, 2020 to February 28, 2020

We offer guided dives, introductory dives, open water classes, open water referral classes and advanced classes practically daily and weekly, so we have not listed those here; just call us to check availablity for those dates.  Included below are just SOME of the offerings we have for you in February.  Take a gander and if you don't see what you're looking for, call us and we'll add it for you!

dive 100

February 10 & 15 & 16 & 17 Scoooooter Dives and/or DPV Specialty Course

There are few things more fun than flying underwater.  If you don't believe us, sign up for these dives and we'll prove it!  We are offering this course several times this month.  If you like to earn certifications or are working your way toward Master Scuba Diver, here's a link to info on the specialty course.

February 12 - Fish Identification Course

Divers and snorkelers call and email us all the time to help them identify what they've seen in the ocean.  If you'd like to become more proficient at figuring out what you're seeing underwater, this fun, two dive class is just the thing for you.  And it counts toward your Master Scuba Diver rating!

February 12 - Enriched Air Nitrox Class

Nitrox Rocks!  Click this link to purchase and download this course.  You'll need to complete the eLearning ahead of our afternoon session on the 12th.  The quiz and practical application session at the shop will take just about an hour, so once your homework is done, call us to confirm the time you should come in this day.  If you can't make it on the 12th, we'll be happy to set up a different time for you; we offer this course several afternoons a month.

February 13 - Underwater Navigation Specialty Course

Prerequisite:  Divers must already have their Advanced Open Water certs from PADI, since we will only be offering the last two dives of this certification on the 13th.  Click here for more info about the course and call us at the shop to book; there IS some homework to be completed ahead of time and you may also want to stop in and purchase a compass if you don't already own one.

February 15 - Divemaster Orientation Session

If you're ready to start the most exciting training of your dive life so far, come in to the shop  and get yourself signed up.  This 6-8 hour day will include an orientation to your first pro-level class, get you geared up for what to expect over the upcoming days and weeks, and we will also complete all of the classroom testing so that from here on out, all of your workshops will take place on and around the ocean.  Please call us or come in for details.  We offer these classes constantly, and they're even better when you can start at the same time as others so that you have added support during the process.

February 18 - Boat Diver Specialty

This two tank specialty includes...two boat dives! It might not seem like there's not much to it, but you'll come away from this course knowing a lot more about dive boats, which will make you more comfy, aware of boat etiquette, varies entry and exit methods, and more. And yep, this also counts toward your Master Scuba Diver rating!

February 20 - Dive Against Debris Specialty

We LOVE doing this two tank specialty from the boat and in December, we brought in around 500lbs of lead!  We offer this course for just the regular cost of a two tank boat dive.  Click here for the full details and then call us at the shop to book your spots!

February 21, 25 & 27 Advanced Open Water Diver

There's a couple of ways this class can go: On your first day of class, we'll complete the navigation and buoyancy dives, followed by two more electives from the boat on the 25th, and ending with a sunset whale watch and boat night dive on the 27th! This is not a combo we usually offer and divers are invited to join us for some or all of this - please call the shop for details.

February 26 - Emergency First Response Training

This course covers CPR, First Aid, and Defibrillator training and is required by many employers.  This course does not focus on diving, so it's perfect for everyday use.  And this course is also a prerequisite for Rescue Diver training.

February 26-27-28 Rescue Diver

Starting at 8:AM on the 26th, we'll cover Emergency First Responder, Emergency Oxygen Provider, and Rescue Diver academics and then it's into the water we go for the next two mornings.  Remember your reef safe sunscreen for this class, as we'll be doing lots of surface exercises, as well as the underwater practice! More info can be found here.