Enriched Air (NITROX) Diver

Enriched Air (NITROX) Diver

When it comes to time underwater, more time is better!

Course Cost: $50 for in-shop instruction plus $212 for Digital Course Materials

Having the Enriched Air Diver Certification (Nitrox) allows you to:

  • Dive using Nitrox
  • Have longer allowable bottom time
  • Get back into the water sooner

But wait, does nitrox make you use less air? The answer to that one is no. Your air consumption does not change when you use nitrox, but your limits do. It's up to YOU to add to this with excellent buoyancy skills, streamlining, and a relaxed pace.

Times and Duration

This course is completed with self-study and does not require or include any dives; diving on nitrox will not feel any different than diving on air; what's different will happen during your dive prep.

  • The eLearning time commitment is typically 2-4 hours
  • The classroom session also takes 1-2 hours
  • Contact us if you're looking start times not listed on our website.

What to Expect

Prior to showing up for the classroom session, divers must complete the digital course materials, which are purchased separately through the training agency (PADI).

For your classroom session, we'll meet at the shop, review your academics and get down to business!

Divers will learn how to analyze a tank, fill out an enriched air log, and set their dive computers for nitrox.

This course DOES count towards your Master Scuba Diver rating.


  • 12 Years Old
  • Open Water Certification

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