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Learn how to FREEDIVE in just TWO days!

Course Cost: $399 for Instruction and Gear Plus $99 for Digital Course Materials


Begin your exploration into the rising popularity of freediving without the need for any prior freediving courses. Freediving encompasses inner strength, discipline, and control. If you have always desired to peacefully enter the underwater world on your own terms then freediving is the perfect endeavor for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is the initial step towards uncovering the reasons behind the increasing popularity of exploring beneath the waves through freediving.

For admission into the PADI Freediver course, individuals must be at least 12 years old, possess adequate swimming abilities, and be in good physical condition. We require to be comfortable snorkeling, and be a fairly strong swimmer.

*Now, why should one obtain a freediving certification?

Throughout the two-day PADI Level 1 Freediving Course, there are three primary focal points:

  1. Apnea, also known as breath hold training, will involve both static apnea (breath-holding without movement) in a confined water environment and dynamic apnea (breath-holding while moving) in the ocean.
  2. Participants will learn Safety techniques and rescue techniques to prevent LMC (disorientation on the surface) and Shallow Water Blackout, which are the most common injuries among freedivers.
  3. Additionally, the course will educate individuals on how to rescue and respond to someone experiencing LMC or Shallow Water Blackout.

Ultimately, this course will equip you with the necessary skill set to safely advance your freediving abilities, whether that means reaching depths of 10 meters or 30 meters, as well as how to be a reliable freediving companion.


All students participating in dive training are required to purchase and complete digital course materials and to complete a medical history questionnaire and may require a physician's release to participate in scuba diving. Please read the form at this link before booking. If you are booking additional freedivers, please share the link with them as well.


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