Prerequisite: Open Water Certification, 12 years old
Time: 3 dives over 2 nights
Diver Medical: Download

Night Divers

Night Diver - $275

Have you ever seen a parrotfish in his pajamas?
How about an eel out moonbathing?
And a squid out hunting?

Well all these are seen often on our night dives !

There are many things in night diving that appeal to people, including:

  • natural curiosity
  • a chance to see critters and behaviors you never see in the daytime
  • an opportunity to get closer to animals that may be less approachable in the day
  • a fresh look at an "old" dive site, opportunity to see the true colors of the reef
  • to observe bioluminescence

By the way, if you've already completed a Night Adventure Dive, perhaps as part of your Advanced Open Water course, it counts as one of the dives towards this specialty! Be sure to ask us about our discount since you'll now only need two more dives to complete this course.

Night Diver Specialty Includes:

  • 3 shore dives over 2 nights
  • All required academic materials
  • Use of any gear you need, including dive lights
  • Briefing & Instruction
  • Night Diver Specialty Certification Card

Night Squid


  • Meet at the shop at the time determined by the instructor.
  • Read and fill out the entire Student Record File Folder.
  • Read and sign the Student Agreement .
  • Signed Diver Medical (if required).
  • Read the Night Diver manual and complete the knowledge reviews.
  • Bring all of your materials to class.
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from shop and dive sites.
  • Be prepared to have fun!!!
  • 48 hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy.