Jul 28, 2020

Endemic Fish of Hawaii Specialty Cert

Maddy the science girl authored this course and YES, it is a PADI specialty that counts toward your Master Scuba Diver certification!


Are you looking for a unique specialty to add to your stack of cert cards?

Are you ready to learn about which fish are unique to Hawaii and why?

Are you ready to simply enjoy diving more than you ever have before?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, this specialty course is for you!

It starts with a 4pm Zoom class on Monday the 3rd at 4pm.  Everyone is welcome to this session, whether participating in the certification class or not.  This talk is great for kids, teachers, snorkelers, and all ocean lovers.

Then, we do two dives on Tuesday morning.  The class is usually $224.  If you sign up for the zoom course, you'll be ahead of the game and we'll be happy to do your certification for just $175.  For the dive portion, we just take out four students at a time, so get signed up!  Call us here at the shop to make it happen.