Course Director


Our Course Director Bruce Weitzenhoffer has been diving since he was certified in college for PE credits way back in whatever year way in the past (1978).  He finally took his Advanced Open Water class in 2003 after he already had over 2500 dives, became an instructor in 2004 and has been diving like a maniac ever since (to date, logging over 12000 dives!!!).  

We met him a few years ago when he would volunteer his time to assist in our IDCs, and that's how we got to know him and his passion for diving and teaching first hand.  These days, "passion" can be an overused term, but with Brucie (as Rachel calls him), it is just the proper way to describe how he feels about what he does. One of the great things Bruce brings to the dive pros he teaches is his broad range of experience.  He has taught in warm and cold water climates, so he is very attuned to the challenges in various environments.

Though known to be quirky (we consider that a plus), Bruce's students quickly discover that he is approachable, meticulously prepared to teach their classes (as he expects them to be), and that he likes to have fun with words (dandytastic is the Bruceism that currently comes to mind).

So whether you are looking for a great Course Director/mentor as you prepare to become a dive instructor, have a PADI standards question, or want to brush up on your instructor or divemaster skills, Bruce is here for you!  Feel free to email him , and be sure to use some fun words with whatever you send!