Master Scuba Diver Trainer

"Ukulele Davey" came to Kihei for his 48th birthday and moved here a month later (from Kona, on the Big Island).  Two months after that, he was Open Water certified.  On his one year anniversary of getting certified, he began his Instructor course at Maui Dreams and we hired him straight outta the exams! Davey quickly achieved his Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating and continues to grow as a part of our local dive community.

"It's amazing what life gives you when you notice.  Ten years ago, a palm reader told me that I was already living the adventure I'd been searching for, and I realized it was true.  And now, after a lifelong superhero fetish, I have an alternate lifestyle where I put on my mask and my super suit and fly around protecting the innocent and training sidekicks!"

If you want to fly around underwater with Davey, just ask for him when you call to book!