IDC Staff Instructor

Okay, we admit that this picture of Zac is about 10 years old, but like parents who like to show off their kids, we still find this shot adorable and don't believe that sharing it will cause Zac to quit.

Zac started with Maui Dreams several years ago as a gear cleaner and quickly worked his way through just about every job we could think of, and some he created for himself.  He is now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, the guy who hydros your tanks, and a big time solution finder.  Noted for his tuneless humming, fantastical hand gestures, and also seems to have been a real manta magnet.

Zac thrives on efficiency, can have a disdain for extraneous chit chat (unless it's his, so don't let that deter you from sprinkling some on him), and takes genuine joy from getting people to experience the underwater world with him.  Once you're out of the water, feel free to engage him with your thoughts on the happenings of the world or anything else that comes to mind!