Maui Dreams Dive Company Inc.

Maui Dreams Dive Co. opened for business January 1, 1999. It was run and operated under the care of Rachel and Don Domingo for 25 amazing years. Now Rachel has decided to retire, and has turned over the reins to us, Javier and Christina Cantellops (and our son Alexander)! We also happen to be  the owners of Island Style Diving and Sting J Maui Wetsuits and apparel. So this is an amazing partnership.We moved to Maui in 2015 to pursue our passion for the dive industry, dreaming of owning our own dive shop, and we have never looked back. With a deep passion for the underwater world we strive to show the beauty of Maui to everyone who comes and joins on our adventures. Javier worked for Maui Dreams for 5 years as a Master Scuba and Freedive Instructor  before creating Sting J Maui Wetsuits and Island Style Diving. Christina worked for the Maui Diamond for 4 years, as well she was a Marine Scientist for the Maui Ocean Center. We have a deep love and passion for this business and this shop. As well we know the inner workings shop and many of you very well. We are honored to be able to take over Maui Dreams Dive Co. and we will always strive to keep up with its incredible legacy created by Rachel and Don. We truly care about the Ocean and will always be true ambassadors for the underwater world. We are dedicated to continue the amazing family atmosphere here at Maui Dreams, while elevating our already exceptional customer service, and ultra high dive standards. We are committed to continuing the evolution of Maui Dreams and bringing positive, motivated, and uplifting people into our Dream Team. We believe in quality over quantity in all that we do and we will always bring the upmost professionalism and fun into our dive shop.

We hope to continue to see many of you in the coming years, in and out of the water, and are excited to be able to keep creating new divers in this incredible industry. Tied together with our awesome sister dive company Island Style Diving and our boat the Pilikai featuring our wetsuit line Sting J Maui, we know that we have a bright and long future here on Maui. We have many more dreams to fulfill and adventures to help you partake on. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the years of continued support and hope to make many new memories with all of you very soon. We can't wait to see you in Hawaii and will always strive fulfill everyones Maui Dreams.

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Island Style Diving PADI Green Star Award PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre