Dive Travel

Experience the ultimate in a diving vacation. MDDC coordinates a number of Dive Travel excursions each year. In recent years, we've dived the Great Barrier Reef, Bonaire, Belize, Palau, Fiji, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Yap, among others.

Do you love to plan waaaay ahead?  That's good, because most spots on our 2020 trips are gone already, so check back as we begin posting our 2021 and 2022 offerings!  Looking for something fun to add to your travel schedule?  Well, look no further!

Maui Dreams Travel Club

Whether you're celebrating a milestone dive, a birthday, anniversary, or just your love of diving the world, joining us for one of our trips will only enhance your experience!

Most of our trips are put together and coordinated by Lori at Heavenly Destinations (broken link) .  She can also arrange your Maui vacations and is always generous with her time when Maui Dreams customers have questions or need her help, so please keep her in mind for all of your travel needs!

Latest Trip Information

goofing off on boat in Fiji The best way to stay informed of the latest trip info is to sign up for the Maui Dreams Dive Co. newsletter. So, what are you waiting for?  Sign-up for the MDDC Newsletter!


FACT #1: Divers are adventurous people who love to have fun.  What could make a dive trip more fun than sharing it with other like-minded divers?

Quality time at the pool We are often experiencing and seeing new things together, and not just underwater!  Of course, having more eyes underwater to help spot rare critters certainly doesn't hurt.

It's not uncommon to form life long friendships on group trips, and it's certainly a thrill to get to travel the world with your friends!

Fun with Friends in Fiji

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