Guided Shore Dives

We'll take you to our favorite spots and introduce you to the things that are unique about Maui. Because we dive here all the time, we're able to spot creatures, caves, and corals you may never notice otherwise.

At Maui Dreams Dive Co., we focus on quality rather than quantity. We like to keep our groups small, unless you are part of a large group who wants to dive together.

All of these prices include any equipment you may need.

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Shore Dive Checklist

  • Meet at the shop at 7:00 AM
  • Bring your certification card, a towel, and some water.
  • Bring your completed release form.
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from the shop and dive sites.
  • 48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
  • All guided dives include full scuba equipment, including wetsuit, mask and snorkel.


1-Tank Shore Dive - $89

1-tank guided diveDiscover why so many return to dive in Maui year after year! Every dive is a unique and memorable experience. We have plenty of locations to choose from, each offering a different variety of marine life, and all just minutes from our shop!

From turtles to singing whales (in season), you'll have memories for a lifetime!

2-Tank Shore Dive - $119

2-tank guided diveThe only thing better than a 1-tank dive is a 2-tank dive! You have twice as much time, and may visit a second exciting dive spot!

We can either go back for more of the same, or go looking for something new and different - the choice is yours!! That's just one of the many benefits of shore diving with Maui Dreams.

1-Tank Guided Scooter Dive - $139

1-tank scooter diveExperience the sensation of flying - UNDERWATER! Glide effortlessly through the water, and cover significantly more distance, with very little effort using a scooter.

By getting to our destination with less effort and in less time, we have more "air-time" to explore exciting underwater caves and lava tubes and the amazing variety of marine life!

2-Tank Guided Scooter Dive - $169

2-tank scooter diveIt was true above and it's true again... The only thing better than a 1-tank dive is a 2-tank dive - especially when it's with a scooter! Even the turtles can't resist 2-scooters.

Go out for a 2nd dive and enjoy all the great sights you thought you were going to miss by the end of your 1st dive!

1-Tank Guided Night Dive - $99

1-tank night diveIt's a whole new ocean after dark! Lots of fascinating creatures awaken after dark to search the reef for food. You'll see a variety of fishes, eels, crustaceans and maybe even sharks. Many of which are sleeping during the day.

Don't miss this truly exciting experience - and remember: the water is STILL warm even AFTER the sun goes down!


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