Michele Triplett

Michele Triplett
Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Repair Tech

At the shop, we tease Michele a lot about how long she dragged out her Divemaster training and about how after that, she then made us beg her for months to become a dive instructor! When you meet Michele, you get it that being well prepared and doing things right is important to her, and this certainly carries over to diving.

An immensely capable diver with an impressive employment history that includes firefighting and paramedic work, Michele is certainly capable of getting things done under pressure.  And yes, that includes water pressure!

In 2018, Michele began expanding her dive knowledge and started her repair tech training under our long-time tech Kelly's watchful eye. As with everything she does, she immersed herself and strived to be the best. Michele took every repair tech class she could at DEMA that year and eventually made herself into our main gear tech. She continues to learn every time she sits at her bench, keeping up with new certs and tinkering (and muttering) at various parts throughout the day.

Come in and say hello to Michele and ask her to take a look at your gear and get some advice on how to do a better job keeping it clean and well maintained!


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