Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Shad is back! Okay, he's been back for four years now.  Though he left MDDC in 2014, he wandered back in during the spring of 2016 offering to help us out during an understaffed period and so far, we've been able to keep him!

In his prior life, he we wore a uniform with a badge, but these days he's distinctive as one of the few instructors you'll see in a shortie wetsuit! You'll find him sharing lots of good info in the shop throughout the week and also diving for the Maui Diamond on Tuesdays - lots of opportunities to hang out with Shad!

If you're looking for photo tips on your dive, Shad's your man. And if you're getting married and need some photos of that, he's still your man (you can visit One Moment in Time for more details on that).

Here's the thing:  If you're on the look out for a good place to eat, ASK SHAD...but only if you're not in a hurry! "Shad didn't give me enough information" - said no one.  Ever.

Want more wisdom from Shad?  Ask him for a conditions report at Mala.  He used to drive up there to dive all the time, and then he finally moved to Lahaina.  Now he drives over to this side to dive Ulua.  Seriously.  You can also check out his blogs: